operation: cookie drop

it’s that time of year again, and if your kitchen looks anything like mine, you’ve got stacks of containers filled with your cookie treasures! piles of almond snowballs and eggnog cookies and pizzelles and brownies are waiting their turn as i layer cookie upon cookie onto each individual tray. and shortly, each tray will be wrapped up tightly and ready for ‘operation: cookie drop’!

the smiles on cookie recipient’s faces are worth the pounds of butter, the hours of oven time, the endless whirls of the kitchenaid mixer, and yes, even the tinge of lower back pain. (yes, i am getting a bit older, aren’t i?!) because there’s nothing quite like giving cookies to our friends, our co-workers, our family – the people that make up the quilt of our lives! so, happy ‘operation: cookie drop day’, from my overstuffed cookie kitchen to yours! enjoy!

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