a cookie a day…

Cookies are the ultimate comfort food — at least that’s what I’ve been told by cookie connoisseurs the world over. Bar cookies, drop cookies, cut, molded and shaped cookies — the varieties are delightfully and deliciously endless.

Having said that, it’s always been quite a mystery to me that the best cookie bakers I know lock away their rolling pins, cookie sheets and aprons until the cool days of autumn. Why should those shiny oven walls be denied the heavenly aroma of a tray of freshly baked treats? And why should a cookie-scented home be reserved for only five short weeks each year?

For every season, there is a cookie.

Actually, I’ll take it a step further…
For every day, there is a cookie.

And as the self-appointed Cookie Blogger, I have made it my mission to bake a cookie-a-day.

Now, for all practical purposes, there is no realistic way I could bake and eat a different stack of cookies each and every day of the year. Impossible, no. But realistic, well… with just me, my trim hubby, Owen and our basset hound Goldiehound, there’s no way we could eat the mounds of sweets that would spill from my oven onto my cooling racks.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that we couldn’t eat them. But between the baking and the eating, I don’t think there would be much time left for the aerobics necessary to burn off all those calories.

So, as I embark on my cookie baking adventure, I’ll be tasting one of each batch, then passing them along to unsuspecting friends and family, neighbors and co-workers.

But, what would drive me to bake a batch of cookies each and every day of the year? Well, I’m hoping that my crazed cookie baking will encourage you to reconsider your “holiday-only” baking mantra, pull out those cookie sheets and cooling racks — and get baking cookies. After all, a full cookie jar is a very happy cookie jar!

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