how chocolate wafers magically become chocolate cake!

oh, if you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, you might remember that amazing miracle of a chocolate cake – the one where a simple box of chocolate wafers turned into the best dessert EVER! simply by combining a little bit of whipped cream (my mom used cool whip in a tub when that was discovered, to make it *even* easier!) and some chocolate wafers, and letting them sit overnight in the fridge.

the hardest part was the wait.

“is it ready yet, mom?” followed by the refrigerator door opening and closing by every member of the family.

“can we eat it now, mom?”

“mom, how much loooonnngggeeerrrrrr?”

until a firm response of “open that refrigerator one more time and you’re not getting any!” — a scary enough statement to make us avoid the fridge, even the kitchen, for fear of being shut out of the glorious reward.

what makes it special?

if you’ve never made this chocolate cake before, that’s too bad. now’s the time to try it! it’s with a magician’s sleight of hand that plain (but totally yummy) chocolate wafers meld with the whipped cream after an overnight sleep in the fridge, and become the texture of chocolate cake. don’t believe me? give it a try!

in recent years, i’ve made this a few times, but not nearly as often as i should. because it’s easy, it presents beautifully, and it brings everyone back to some family dinner, some special moment from years gone by. it’s a cake that comes along with a memory book, and that’s a pretty darn special feature for a cake, if you ask me.

one of my ‘go-to’ places for recipes is king arthur flour, and i have to share their recipe of this new and improved refrigerator cake. with a little bit of dutch-processed cocoa, and a tinge of espresso powder to elevate the cocoa a bit, this recipe is a keeper.

get the recipe:

visit king arthur flour, and find their recipe:

i added some dark chocolate sprinkles to the top of the cake for a little extra oomph (you can buy deruyter chocoadehagel puur from amazon) if you’re interested in real chocolate sprinkles.

this is the perfect dessert to a weekend meal! and you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard right now! why not whip up some chocolate wafers, whip up some cream, and get this in the fridge tonight, so you’ve got the perfect saturday night dessert? enjoy!

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