announcing: the 2016 holiday cookie platter!

each year, i prepare a number of cookie platters to give as gifts to friends, family and those who have gone the extra mile for us each year. i am currently baking the cookies to grace this year’s platter, and i thought i’d share it with you, cookieblogger readers, so you can get an idea of what types of cookies should ‘make the cut’ for your holiday cookie platters.

since there’s a lot of stacking on the platter, i find it best to include cookies that can stand up to the pressure of being surrounded by other cookies. i also try not to add cookies that have a strong scent, since i don’t want all the other cookies on the platter to be infused with that scent. in all honesty, however, i do have a number of anise-flavored cookies this year – but they are lightly scented and should do no harm to the rest of the platter!

lastly, i’m still working on getting recipes up here on the blog for a few of this year’s cookies… so stay tuned!

and it goes without saying, it would be delightful if you added a comment or suggestion to any recipe page where you either liked that specific cookie or thought something could make it even better! i’m all about the feedback, you know…

thanks for visiting! happy cookie munching and happy holidays!

2016 holiday cookies

First Cookie Tray of 2016

almond snowballs

anise biscotti

anise christmas cookies
recipe to come
anise christmas cookies

karen’s signature blondies

chocolate brownies
recipe and photo to come

chocolate chip sand cookies

chocolate dipsydoes
recipe to come

crackly fudge cookies

espresso crescents

ginger shortbread stars
ginger shortbread stars

jeanne’s sugar cookies
recipe to come
naked sugar cookies
naked sugar cookies!
updated photo with frosting and sugar to come!

lemon crunch cookies

molasses spice cookies
recipe and photo to come

oatmeal cookies
cook's illustrated thin & crispy oatmeal cookies

dreamy almond cookies
recipe and photo to come

owen’s chocolate chip cookies

pecan icebox cookies

pignoli cookies
recipe and photo to come


pudding cookies


spritz cookies – chocolate
recipe and photo to come

spritz cookies – vanilla
Spritz 2014

condensed milk cookies
recipe and photo to come

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